Rev. Tong Liu is the Senior Pastor of River of Life Christian Church. Pastor Tong has dedicated himself to build a glorious church through the four pillars of Praise and Worship, Holy Spirit renewal, Cell Church, and Glocal Transformation. He has established more than 120 daughter churches in North America, Mongolia, West Africa and Europe. He is the author of many books such as "Life in a Cross", "Times to Cross", and "A Day of Leaping". Pastor Tong is also an excellent worship leader.

劉梅蕾師母是倍恩事奉中心創辦人,矽谷生命河靈糧堂裝備處處長。她是丈夫的最佳拍檔 ,兩個女兒的朋友,喜悅師母的位份多年來在教會及婦女中服事, 有教師的恩賜,醫治的恩膏;經常在各地教導及帶領聖靈與醫治特會。 著有《女人的咒詛與祝福》《為孩子屬靈品格禱告》《為父母生命豐盛禱告》《單身貴族禱告樂》《應許與醫治》《禱讀日誌》等暢銷書。

Pastor Belinda Liu is the founder of Double-Portion Ministries. She is the Director of the Discipleship Department of River of Life Christian Church. Being the best partner of her husband, Pastor Tong Liu, and the friend of two daughters, Pastor Belinda likes to be a pastor’s wife and joyfully serves the church and the women for many years. Having the gift of teaching, and the anointing of healing, Pastor Belinda often teaches and leads the Holy Spirit and Healing Conferences in various places. She is also the author of best-selling books such as "Woman's Curse and Blessing", "Pray for Children's Spiritual Characters," "Pray for the Abundant Life of Parents," "Pray as Single”, "Promise and Healing", "Prayer Log".


Kent Bandy牧師
Ellel Ministries Canada加拿大愛流事工中心主任。
Kent Bandy 牧師

愛流事工加拿大中心主任。受益於愛流事工的幫助,2006年加入愛流事工後,Kent牧師積極推動愛流事工,幫助基督徒生命的醫治與重建。Kent 牧師和Karen師母育有3個孩子。

Rev. Kent Bandy is the centre director of Ellel Ministries Canada in Westport, Ontario, After being changed from Ellel Ministries conference and modular school training, Kent joined Ellel Ministries Canada as Centre Director in 2006. Since then, Kent devotes himself to help Christian experience healing and restoration in their lives. Kent and his wife Karen have three children.

馬來西亞華裔已婚。生長於牧師的家庭,在加拿大深造及工作,有十多年參於北美華人教會事奉的機會 (2000-2002年參加渥太華國語宣道會)。蒙主的引導,在2002年因公司工作調整與妻子陳心怡姐妹一同到法國生活蒙主的保守在歐洲及亞洲繼續有牧養信徒的恩典. 2011年被歐洲改革宗教會按立為長老。 

Elder Moses Tan is a Malaysian Chinese, married. Growing up in a pastor's family, studying and working in Canada, Moses has been involved in the service of the Chinese Church in North America for more than a decade (Ottawa Mandarin Alliance Church in 2000-2002). Guided by the Lord, in 2002, due to the adjustment of his work, Moses moved to France with his wife, Shin-yi Chen. With God’s protection and grace, he continues to pastor the believers in Europe and Asia. In 2011, Moses was ordained as an elder by the European Reformed Church.




Rev. Kevin Zhang is the Senior Pastor of Ottawa River of Life Christian Church. Pastor Kevin has dedicated himself to build God's glorious church, and actively promote the revival and unity of churches in Eastern Canada. Over the years, Pastor Kevin is also an excellent marriage and family counsellor. Pastor Kevin and his wife Ling help many broken families to restore a healthy and  happy marriage.